Africa Direct: Your resource for beautiful African art carvings and more

The allure of beautiful art is one that many people can’t ignore, but far too many get stuck buying substandard pieces or imitations that were made in the ‘style’ of African art, but that aren’t made with the care and attention that a true craftsperson bestows on the pieces that they create.

Africa Direct was built to change all that. We are a leading African art and craft dealer with over 20,000 beautiful pieces in our inventory. We have plenty of different types of representations of beautiful arts from Africa, and we source them from the continent directly.

This store wasn’t borne out of an interest in pure profit, but rather as a way for us to find new homes for some of the artwork that we’ve lovingly collected over the years. This includes a wide range of items, including everything from art from Africa to African weapons.

You will find a complete collection of beautiful artwork, African artifacts and more on our online store, and you can guarantee that the items that you find are the real deal. If you are looking for examples of what we have to offer, then you should visit our website at Our team regularly scours Africa looking for new pieces to include in this collection as well, so you should check back regularly to see what new items we might have for sale as well!


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